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Kande Viharaya Historical Temple

Kande Viharaya is famous for its big buddha statue, but it also has couple of more temples in the same area.

This temple is very famous among Sri Lankans.

WHAT to discover

Take a tour to the Kande Viharaya Temple to visit historic site in Dharga Town.

It’s better to go to this place on a day trip or just for few hours its not far away (only 20min), instead of staying there because it is a really loud, busy and touristic place.

Eventually, you will be happy that you can come back to our quiet paradise in Kosgoda. 

Our tour guide is a family member and is passionate about sharing all his knowledge about the history with you, the philosophy of Buddhism and the different religions.

This amazing mountain temple is topped by one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the world. 


Dress code for visiting a temple: please wear long clothes. A jeans, a long dress or use a scarf. Just make sure that you are fully covered.