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Spice Garden

Garden of green plants, spices and ayurvedic medicine.

Visiting a Spice Garden is a must  when visiting Sri Lanka. 

WHAT to discover

You learn a lot about natural medicine and what you can do with the power of plants. 

You will learn and see the difference between jungle pepper, jungle pineapple, jungle ginger and the common ones. 

They also plant their own nutmeg, curry, cacao, vanilla bean, cloves and starfruit plants.

After the tour through the garden and the presentation of their own products – you’ll get a quick, free neck-back-head massage with a warming oil – if you’re lucky! 

Naturally, you can stroll through the shop and stock up on spices, essential oils, creams, tonics, cough syrup, mosquito repellent spray and much more.


They also offer shipping to re-order the products if you were convinced by the effect.